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Our job consists in technically interpreting the stage sketch, finding all the technical solutions suitable for transport, assembly and stage handling sought after by the art direction of a show.

Translate the scenographer's thought and the artistic style into scenic elements,

physical objects able to turn a setting into a theatrical staging.

SCENIC ART: realization of scenic designs and scenic elements.

Scenografia teatrale per la Fondazione Teatro della Toscana. Scene di Maurizio Balò. Spettacolo CIAO di Walter Veltroni
CIAO - Fondazione Teatro della Toscana
Scenografia teatrale per New National Theatre Tokyo. Spettacolo Lucia Di Lammermoor. Scene di Rudy Sabounghi
LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR - New National Theatre Tokyo


Fittings for expositive spaces and trade fair stagings.

The art of theatrical scenography for all settings and exhibitions

The woodworking and scenography studio studies technical solutions that consider

the necessity of transport and installation.

Tailor-made solutions for the decoration of shops and business premises.

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