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Concept, development and production of exclusive weaves

Creation of WEAVES with various executive hand weaving techniques.

Production of HAND FABRICS starting from the idea that every textile surface is able to communicate and create suggestions.

How a FABRIC is born

The entire manufacturing process of the fabric is carried out by hand, from conception to realization, passing through the project.

Imagine the fabric and turn the idea into a real artifact.

Each project is unique and exclusive and seeks the participation of those who want it, from research into yarns, to the color composition, to the pattern.

It all starts with the creation of the WARP, choosing the yarns, the color scheme and density.

Create a WARP by hand is fascinating, magic, ritual.

The HANDS drop in the air,a constant rhythm underlies everything.

One thread = many threads

PROJECT created for the OBJECT

Space for the custom OBJECT PROJECT: customize a weave, a fabric, to feel your own OBJECT,

The HAND WEAVING STUDIO aims to transmit the knowledge and beauty of the interlaces.

Direct involvement in the creative and aesthetic choices of the OBJECT.

Technical knowledge of fabric construction for art project


Read on paper the full and empty, move the threads on the loom, weave with your hands.

The transformation of the fabric, like a narrative given by the succession of various textile patterns, shades given by the weaves, by the color and the dimensions on the textile surface.

An architecture of warp and wefts.

Every fabric is born from the work of the hands on hand weaving looms, inside the OFFICINE CONTESTO.

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