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The project Officine Contesto is born from the desire and the need to have a space able to contain more artisan workshops in one place to make them operate in autonomy or synergy,

depending on the projects that are submitted.

We believe that without DOING, it is difficult to understand the limits and the potentialities of a particular wood essence or a textile fiber, the craftsman must continually learn while doing,

solve problems and build his own tools

DOING generates IDEAS that turn into real OBJECTS


The SCENOGRAPHY and STAGECRAFT studio in the artisan woodworking

About us

Scenografical realizations, artisan and designer, master mind of the OFFICINE


Materials, wooden constructions, theatrical machines and hand-drawn projects


Everything related to the artisan woodworking dedicated to the construction of the stages, to the staging of spaces and to the settings and the creation of furniture, is in his hands.

His training is twofold, for over 15 years in theaters throughout Italy and in numerous stagings as builder and assistant scenic builder and as collaborator of an artisan woodworking specialized in tailor-made work. The fusion of the two areas is leading to the creation of objects that recall theatrical stagecraft.

Stage technician builder of theatrical stages, with the knack for the transformation of raw material in project and then in object.
From the stagecraft to the furniture complement.

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