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Imagine a fabric and translate the idea into an artifact

Yarns and fibers tell you what they are made for and how they would like to be transformed, other times the idea leads you to choose them.


Do you own yarns and would like to discover how to translate them into a textile creation? Let's discover together how to use them.

Tailor-made Textile Design

Motifs for textile surfaces, weaves with exclusive design to provide advice for the fabric creation.


Sample looms predisposed from time to time for

specific studies of textile weaves.

Prototypes and study of collections according

to the use: from clothing to furniture.


Advice for the reconstruction of Antique Fabrics.


Cataloging of the weaves according to the international language of Technical Textile Drawing.


Direct co-participation for the choice of the materials, from the weave up to the outcome

of the "hand" of the fabric.

Would you like to produce a fabric, would you like a sample or the technical sheets of how to make it?

We can create together your collection or only evaluate the feasibility of a textile project.

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