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TEXTILE RECONSTRUCTIONS : weave once again what no longer exists

Operated twill motif in pure linen

 XVI Century

Reconstruction of an operated fabric used as a painting support by Benedetto Zalone from Cento for Ritratto di giovane gentiluomo. Century XVI

Art Gallery of Budrio - Bologna.

From the reading of photographic images and from the acquisition of fundamental data it has been possible to recreate the pure linen warp and prepare it on a frame for hand weaving.

Weaving of a textile specimen required by the Client for laboratory analysis.

The fabric was commissioned by a student graduating in Textile Restoration at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna.

Yarn dyed in a natural way with a woad and bio-Indigo mixture for the reconstruction on the loom of the Madras pateren.

Creation of the warp following the notes of color and density of the original sample.

Weaving of a specimen of the textile artifact preserved in the Museum of Roccapelago – Modena

Squared canvas in white and blue.

XVII Century

Do you have a antique fabric?

Would you like to find out whether it is possible to interpret it again or make it on the loom?

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