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Discovering, knowing, making ... textile research meets texts and looms

The TEXTILE is born as a TEXT. Interlaced images that tell the belongings, history, art.
Symbols, colors, materials and forms, an expressivity that reveals itself through the language of the threads.


WEAVING is the art that allows the creation of this visual language. INTERLACING, the means.

Every fabric tells a story, it can make an experience live, a QUOTE, a VALUE, it has a MEANING for those who have created it and for those who have wanted it. Making visible, plastic, tangible a SYMBOL or a SENSE on the textile surface enriches of knowledge an object.

Fabrics become CONTEXTUAL OBJECTS, able to convey MEANINGS.


I am convinced of the importance and of the beauty of CURIOSITY because what is hidden, UNDERLYING, has a unique emotional and linguistic impact. The SENSE of the OBJECT is perceptible, but not easily identifiable, not immediately conceivable, it is HIDDEN.

The textile research that I has been developing for years is textual and iconographic, as well as practical-manual and its objective is to trace sources, justify and enhance the knowledge of which the textile work is the protagonist and witness.

Every action aimed at its creation has traces in our language, linguistic imprints that are part of our culture.
Quoting and reusing these antique meanings, reinterpreting them to create new ones, filling with CONTENT every textile artifact made on the loom is my passion.


Lectures, writings, readings about textile themes

  • The language of the fabric, orality and writin

  • Warp = infinity, weave = cultur

  • The painted tapestry, the woven tapestry. A pictorial investigation, a painting of threads

  • Rhetorical reading of the textile artwor

  • Looking around through the threads of the loom: the story of the textile ma

  • Fabric Anthropology

  • Everything originates from the threa

  • From the thread to the seed, textile metaphors

  • Weaving is writin

  • Visual communication and texture

  • Draw with full and empty, the origin of the binary code

  • The scream of the colo

  • Rhythm, narration, musicality in the creation of the fabric

  • Wearable technology and Smart textile

  • Fiber Art


Lectures, writings, readings about textile themes with the hands in the loom

  • The bag, a narration for images. The container become a content

  • Study of the color for an analysis of the textile project

  • Reconstruction of antique weaves

  • Fabrics from Emilia Romagna region, a woven iconography.

  • Antique meanings and values parts of the textile work

  • From the image to the fabri

  • Warping through history

  • Quotes of Textile Art

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