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Handmade fabric meets ART and gives it rhythms, colors, meanings
Quote of antique fabrics

From the reconstruction of the 17th century white and blue Squared Canvas, weaves that have the particularity of preserving the antique imprinting have been created. They are born from the same organization of the threads on the frame, density and hand.


Wefts and threads cite the antiques with other rhythms and creates new patterns.

Textile design for exclusive designs of weaves to realize once again what no longer exists, to rediscover its value and its deep meaning.

Quote of antique fabrics: Textile SEMIOTICS

From the study of popular fabrics and the research of textual and iconographic sources, a series of handmade

fabrics has been created.

Weaves as witnesses of the antique value with which wefts and threads have been interlaced, realizing so real SYMBOLS.

The surface of the fabric is a bearer of meaning, it conveys a value and a cultural identity.

The textile weave as a container of CONTENT.

TAILOR-MADE studies and researches, the disciplines of the language and of the visual communication become interpretative tools to create CONTENT in the fabric.

Quotes of Art

The guidelines of the Bauhaus Movement inspire and generate patterns for fabrics and a limited range of accessories.
Wide space for the choice of primary colors, the tactile play of different materials, the elementary geometric shapes.

The study in the textile field and the design

deal with the very wide theme of the art quote. Pictorial and artistic movements are

re-interpreted by drawing and

creating textile artifacts.

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